A unique, clinically supported nutritional supplement for canker sores & oral health.

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What is OraSwift®?

What is OraSwift®?

OraSwift is a science-supported nutritional supplement for canker sores (mouth ulcers), sensitive gums, dry mouth, and oral discomfort often caused by braces or retainers.

Our product comes in the form of a tasty mint lozenge and is sugar free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, non GMO, and made in the USA.


The active ingredient in OraSwift, PepZinGI™, has the support of several human clinical trials proving it’s safety and efficacy for canker sores, oral discomfort, and establishing a healthy oral mucosa.

Typical canker sore products only address the symptoms by numbing the respective area. This unique active ingredient system allows the mucosal lining in the mouth to repair itself and heal the mouth completely.

Why just treat the symptoms when you can address the root of the cause?


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OraSwift® is currently available on the Amazon Prime Marketplace, pharmacies, health food stores, and at your local orthodontist.

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